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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

eBay sucks my life

Yep. I am back at eBay again. Not much choice these days because I made the decision to close up the Boise store a few months back and wind down my 20+ year retail adventure in a gentler environment... out here in the sticks, in the little burg near my beloved Mosquito Acres.

The plan, such as it is, is to do a bit of retailing and spend the rest of my work time unloading a 23 year collection of unsold or used crap on an unsuspecting eBay public. The selling part is easy. Making everything sync so I also have a life is not easy.

Me and the lady of the house are working out the difficulties at the ranch and we now have a new plan that will hopefully allow me to keep the excess money from eBay for my future ventures. I suggested to her today that an alternative would be for me to just sell the whole spread, at what right now seems like an enormous profit, and drop some bucks on her and I'd continue with the plan I have of design and writing.

She didn't like that idea. So we worked up a way to smooth out the rough edges and get things running so the hay eaters out in the pasture and in the paddocks are creating wealth rather than draining it.

We shall see, we shall see. I prefer to keep the property and while I agree that there is a real estate bubble, I doubt very seriously it's here in Idaho. The huge increase in the cost of acreage in this valley is amazing, but still, if you look at the geography, there really isn't any other location that's got what we have and is only 18 miles to HP, 25 miles to downtown Boise and 30 miles to Micron. Unless people in California just decide to quit moving to Idaho I suppose in 5 years or so we could see Mosquito Acres double and then some from where it's valued at today.

What I need to create is enough free time to work more often on the games, of which there are now three, and to add more chapters to both books. Just in the last week I started getting an idea for yet another book. Marshall and Jaimy both have three chapters from the MEMO book and they keep urging me to move on with it. In the meantime Marshall is pushing me to do the store website and eventually just sell online and eBay. he bought several other domains for our game related site and says he's ready to make it happen when I'm ready to provide content.

ebay sucks the life out of me. But I'd better get back at it.


  • At 9:26 PM, Blogger Chas. said…

    Aw I'm sorry ebay sucks the life outta you. Maybe you should close down like your other business. What a Loser! All you had to do was refund my money. But you didn't even have the Moral Fiber to do that. You think this is just gonna go away? I will haunt your ass. It's no longer about the money. It's about doing the right thing.


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