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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mosquito Acres dialog ~

Rough day.

Had the lady's parents here at the ranch because we're attempting to work out how best to access the cash from 5 of the acres so I can remodel my shop/garage into an office/studio and we can have the money needed to do nice fences, bring in quality arena sand, buy an ATV with trailer and also put in about 100 feet of frost-free water line.

The tulmultuous life we have with her three girls, our quasi-adopted girl and our little 2 1/2 year old hell-on-wheels son is maddening. Everybody pulling in a different direction and me in the center because I'm the one who bought the property and owns it. Needless to say, my partner/girlfriend brought plenty of baggage into the scenario beside the three girls.

My posted hours are noon till 9pm. I managed to get here just before 4pm. I don't see much business in the day anyway but it feels wrong to not be open. Even if I have important things to do that must be done.

Being an uncurable optimist, I believe it can work. But I see many holes and I sure hope I'm doing the right thing. My only other alternative is to just sell the place now, take the profit and lay low until a future real estate deal crops up down the road.

I love Mosquito Acres though and I bought it because of unrealized potential. Hard work needs to be done... and not just by me. So we'll see.

I did teach Robo Rally tonight to a gamer buddy and his nephew who is visiting from Norway. Jason, a recent idaho transplant from Florida came by after work and we all had a good game. The kid from Norway, who is named Thor, is about 13 and despite being foreign, he acts like an ADD American 13 year old. He drove me crazy with his antics, but he grasped the game quickly and finished 2nd behind me.

Little Buddy, my pride and joy, the most compelling 2 year old on the planet is the glue that holds everything in place right now while we figure out how to make her happy, me happy and hopefully semi-equip her girls with some small degree of common sense before they unleash their post-pubescent femininity on an unsuspecting world.

I live in an estrogen ocean and me and the boy anchor each other. He can't talk well enough to ask why women act the way they do but he says it all with some of the expressions on his face.

Anne is right in that she has the skills to tap into the $39 Billion per year horse business, nobody questions that. But will she exercise financial restraint? She says she will. She even agrees that I should oversee the books, the contracts for boarding and training and act in an advisory capacity to guide the income/spending activities. Agreeing that something ought to be a certain way and then actually acting on that agreement are two entirely different matters though.

What I am having trouble getting across to her is that if she is making her share of the mortgage, upkeep and upgrade payments, then I don't want to have a say in how she spends anything. She could make her part of the payments and if she had $50K per year left I could care less how many show saddles, Garcia Bits and trucks she buys. I don't like anybody telling me I have to spend my money in a certain way and I never want to feel like I need to do that to anyone else.

This is a rough period and all I want right now is to be through it, have the cash in fist, the debt cleared and be able to say "Here's the $10K we agreed we needed to upgrade, so lets get in the truck and get the stuff and get started!"

So I'll just cruise home in a minute and see what Little Buddy is doing. He ought to be asleep but sometimes he wakes right up when I walk in and wants to play for a while.

That's more than okay by me.


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